I Was Dancing

Half way through shooting the music video for Michael James Keane's track I Was Dancing off his debut album. It's been pretty easy going thus far. The first shoot involved going to he beach for the day and getting slow motion water textures (my fav) and then back to the studio to get weird with a fish tank. There was a Leopard Seal on the coast so I'm taking that as a good omen.

Everything is pretty much going to plan, though we have one more week to get the rest done which will involve actually shooting humans, pouring sand all through someone's bedroom and lots of fake tears. Maybe we can get real tears. 

I also have a week to go until I'm finished with university for ever which is a harrowing concept... Incoming freedom, so much I don't really know what to do with. I've been in the tertiary system for so long now the thought of doing whatever I want how ever I want seems a little alien. I'm probably going to find a job and save up some money and maybe travel for a while. Who knows. Just waiting to see what hand I'm dealt over the next few weeks.